Pawn Works is a contemporary art gallery that has evolved from showing studio exhibitions to exclusively creating and displaying outdoor projects, which has made them the perfect partners for Alderman Solis’ initiative.

In the last three years, Pawn Works put on about three to four shows a year.

"Awake" by Rae, Street artist from Brooklyn, NY.

“Awake” by Rae, Street artist from Brooklyn, NY.

“We figured if we can get 10 murals out publicly each year, than we’re creating more work than we would in our shows and 20 times more people would actually get to see it,” said Nick Marzullo, co-founder of Pawn Works.

With the help of Seth Mooney, Marzullo’s business partner who is based in New York City, they’ve been able to bring artists from Brooklyn, Nevada and Europe to the wall.

Marzullo sat down with OTW to talk about his gallery’s involvement with the “Art in Public Places” project in Pilsen:

By Samantha Peña



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